twitterfollowbuttonNow you can choose to use the Asynchronous method to display the Twitter Folllow Button. This feature recently launched by Twiiter allows to insert the button in a non blocking way. The page loads completly and the button appears after. No more waiting/pause/waiting for the Twitter javascript to be fully loaded.

We also added support for the two news language integrated in Twitter, that's to say Dutch and Indonesian.

At last we integrated these two new paramaters giving by Twitter : Align (simply left or right alignement) and Width wich allows to apply a custom width (px ou %) to the button div.

You can upgrade by using the one click embedded Joomla update, or simply do a classical installation over the previous module.

Check all this module function and download it on this page : UD Twitter Follow Module - 1.2.0 for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7

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