• Display the original Follow button by Twitter in a Joomla module in asynchronous or regular way
  • Apply the different original preferences of the Follow Button.
  • Add you own text color, link color, overriding Twitter presets.
  • Auto-detect the user browser language and and apply if exist in Twitter's official translation, if not, apply your selected default language.
  • Toggle display of twitter username and apply medium or large button styling.
  • New in 1.3.x : Joomla 2.5 compatibility. Calling JS changed to fit Twitter new version. Advanced module parameters tab is now avaible, allow layout, div styling and caching. Option te be W3C Strict Valid has been added, but will not allow to tweak the button anymore. New languages supported by twitter : Filipino, Finnish, Norsk, Svenska, Dansk, Polski, Magyar, Basque.


mod udtwitterfollow admin screenshot en



  • Coded in Joomla 2.5 MVC model.
  • Multilanguage Front and backend, feel free to translate the language file in your own mother tongue we would be happy to include and credit you for the work.
  • One click upgrade process.
  • Licence : GNU/GPL 2.0 and after.



  • joomla 2.5joomla 3.x



------------------- 1.3.1 [03-Feb-2013] -----------------    

+ Add some languages supported by Twitter :
Filipino, Finnish, Norsk, Svenska, Dansk, Polski, Magyar, Basque.

------------------- 1.3.0 [26-Feb-2012] -----------------       

^ Twitter JS changed to new Twitter's default
# Parameter string not ended well, causes a Validation Error
+ Module has now an advanced option tab, with Layout, Class suffix, Caching
! Cannot be W3C Strict valid with normal Twitter method... thinking
  about Mootools trick. if someone wanna help... ?

------------------- 1.2.1 [13-Jan-2012] -----------------

+ Added paramater to show (on/off) twitter name on the button
^ replaced Width paramater by size of the button, medium (default) or large
- Depreciated some translation strings
- Joomla 1.6 not supported anymore

------------------- 1.2.0 [02-Sept-2011] -----------------

+ You can now select the Asynchronous display mode or simple Javascript as it in previous version
+ Added in configuration Dutch and Indonesian language now supported by Twitter
+ Width and Align attribute
# Fixed typo in en-GB language file
! Does not integrate the Iframe version of the button. If needed please request, and we will integrate.

------------------- 1.1.2 [15-July-2011] ----------------

# Fixed Translation string not appearing when no user name is entered
! Successfull compatibility Test on Joomla 1.7
------------------- 1.1.1 [06-June-2011] -----------------

# Show/Hide amount of Followers not working

-------------------- 1.1 [06-June-2011] ------------------

+ Auto Language Detect feature if avaible in Twitter display user favorite/accepted language if not switch back to default language
+ Include readme.txt in module archive, with complete changelog
$ Typo in color and text description syntaxe
^ Reajusting comment on php files

-------------------- 1.0 [04-June-2011] ------------------

+ Initial Release

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