page peel effect thumb


  • Display a corner image/ad when pointer goes over the upper corner of the page
  • Select page peel effect to display either upper right or upper left corner
  • Can be used using position tag {udpagepeel} in articles, modules or even directly in the template file
  • Toogle display only on frontpage, inside pages, or both
  • Ability to exclude, categories, articles, components
  • Ability to exclude if url contains specified paramaters (ex : exclude if in url ?indexp.php?target=myoption)
  • Select the zindex value to make sure the effect apply over any template increasing this value
  • Easy to select image to display
  • Control target url, alt tag and opening method (_self our_blank)
  • Uses Mootools native in Joomla
  • No need to change template file, just activate and tweak the settings
  • Uses languages packages for further translation
  • Inspired by :


plg udpagepeel 120 en admin basic options plg udpagepeel 120 en admin advanced options




  • Coded in Joomla 2.5 MVC model
  • Multilanguage Backend
  • Languages included : French, English, Spanish
  • One click upgrade process
  • Licence : GNU/GPL 2.0 and after



  • Joomla 2.5


----------------- 1.3.0 [14-Feb-2012] --------------------

+ Ability to choose z-index of the peel effect
+ Exclude, if specific parameters are present in url
$ Some typos in fr-FR and en-GB

----------------- 1.2.0 [21-October-2011] ----------------

+ Choose target page to display page peel effect :
frontpage,inside pages,component pages, articles pages
+ Exclude on some com_content type : featured, archive, categories
+ Exclude on selected articles and category by id
+ Tag positionning enable using {udpagepeel}

----------------- 1.1.0 [04-October-2011] ----------------

+ Choose position between upper right or upper left corner
+ Dutch language pack (added by Patrick van Borssum Waalkes)
$ english, french, czech are up to date (thanks contributors)

----------------- 1.0.1 [06-September-2011] --------------

+ Czech language pack (added by Daniel Kormanec aka alvi)

------------------- 1.0 [12-August-2011] -----------------

+ Initial Release


Languages Pack

Langue Version Notice Auteur Remarque
English (en-GB) 1.3.0 Included in .zip plugin Uni-Deal Use only for translation purpose
French (fr-FR) 1.3.0 Included in .zip plugin Uni-Deal Use only for translation purpose
Spanish (es-ES) 1.3.0 To Install Lic. Carlos Méndez Install with the standard Joomla extension Installer
Please use the contact form to inform us if you did a another translation of this plugin or report any typo. thanks for that.